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Quad City local who has a passion for his city and a motivated drive in showing the poorly recognized beauty of our native home. I love working with the beautiful people who live here while offering an amazing experience in customer service and quality. My services bring angles and views of the Quad Cities and other  amazing places nation-wide that are new to most people proving to be the perfect way to wow and excite everyone. I offer all type of services and see no limitations in what I am capable of and truly believe what I do is going to bring the best change in photography and the community. 



Owner of Aero ShootQC Master Drone Pilot  

Personal and commercial drone operator seeking to work with the marvelous people of the beautiful Quad Cities. As a young individual born and raised in the Quad cities, I look forward to showing off the growth and development of our community as a whole in addition to having major goals to bring out the best in our lovely home for each and every individual as well as for large events happening in our area, and most of all, to help other young business owners and all types of business owners in the Quad City area grow and advertise! Please feel free to reach out to me for any inquiries!

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